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Come & work for Leap Ahead

Do you want to work for a local, inspirational, childcare company, where our staff are fundamental in the decisions & developments of the settings. Where staff, children & parents views are taken into consideration & where children are at the very heart of what we do.

We are looking for creative & fun people to join our team of 'Little Leapers.' You must have a warm & smiling face that makes every child feel special & loved. If a child requests that you be a princess, you will want to be the very best princess you can be, singing in tune is not necessary but being able to sing in front of a crowd is essential, especially frozen or most tunes from Disney.

You must want to inspire a curiosity to learn, you must want to create amazing learning opportunities & bring awe & wonder to each child's day whilst in your care. You must be an effective communicator, a team player, have a good ethos to work & a commitment to teaching the 'adults of the future'.

You must possess the skills to rapidly headcount the heads of numerous small moving people & must feel comfortable entering public places on the way home with unknown substances on your clothing. You must be able to stay focuses on environments with high noise levels, pretend to eat play dough creations, moo like a cow & munch like a giraffe.

You must feel comfortable with being asked personal questions like 'do you go to the toilet, what did you have for lunch, are you married?' & also, comfortable sitting on furniture that doesn't contain your 'behind'. You must be able to read a story out loud and be happy to get at least one interruption per page & authentically show an interest in bugs & creepy crawlies, even if they are your biggest fear on earth.

You must be focused on meeting not only the child's needs, but their parents, carers & any other adult who feels they 'know what is needed'. You must want to engage the parents & understand that they know their child best & provide excellent customer service. You must have a recognised Early Years Qualification at minimum Level 3.

We do support the development of our team members & do offer Apprenticeship vacancies at all our sites in line with local training providers & do take applications for these types of vacancies when Apprentices qualify.

If you would be interested to joining our staff team & being a 'Leaper’ please forward your CV directly to & we will reply with a list of our current vacancies. 

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