Leap Ahead Nurseries



The Leap Ahead motto, Where Learning, Exploring And Playing is what we do best!

Play is vital for children, it’s through play that babies and young children learn, grow, develop new skills and have fun.  Play  & children having opportunities to ‘take risks’ helps them to understand the world around them and to develop socially and emotionally happy children are confident learners. It is important to remember that each child is unique and no two children will follow exactly the same pathway of development, all children do things at very different ages and stages of their development.

In order to support this we have ensured our 'play rooms' are designed for the young learner.  Stepping away from the traditional concepts of childcare, we have designed our rooms to be calming, cosy, full of opportunities to explore & learn.  Our baby rooms are designed to be a 'home from home' environment where babies & very young children can have full access to their space.  Cosy places for sleeping & equipped areas for feeding are integrated into places for rolling, crawling, toddling, climbing & investigating.

As the children get older our 'play spaces' are adapted to meet their individual needs.  We observe, plan for & track children's developmental milestones on an individual basis so we can change our resources & equipment to meet the preferences & interests of the children.  With areas to be creative, active, thoughtful, imaginative & to explore we are certain your preschool child will have the up most fun & be happy, whilst learning in an enhanced learning environment.

We encourage children to take risks, get messy, explore, be inquisitive, become dependant, develop through the natural stages of a young child's learning all supported a by qualified, experienced & dedicated staff team who share our company vision & ethos around the child being at the centre of everything we do.

Our nurseries are fully inclusive & we have a staff team who are trained & dedicated in supporting children who may require additional support, we will actively work with other agencies involved in supporting the child & their families to encourage a seamless level of holistic support.

Working with Parents

   We believe that children benefit most from Early Years Education and Care when parents work together in    partnership with childcare providers, as we all know that parents are their child’s first educator. All children  should be able to play and learn in an environment full of opportunities with adults who understand and care        about the whole needs of the child & their family.   It is our aim to ensure that all parents feel confident in being involved in their child’s development whilst at nursery & we heavily support parents who wish to visit the   nursery, participate in activities or wish to discuss their child’s progress.  We are committed in building a two                 way, professional relationship with parents in an atmosphere of honesty & mutual respect.

We ensure parents are fully kept up to date in all aspects of their child's day. Daily diaries for younger children   will log the care needs of the children such as nappy changes & sleep logs, however staff will really want to inform you of all the fun your child has had during the day & support you with sharing their experiences.  We will send home regular 'photo diaries' & of course you are more than welcome to talk with your child's Key            worker at any time, we have an 'Open Door Policy' for our parents, where they are welcome at any time.  

        We also encourage siblings & grandparents to take part in planned activates & outings in order                                                                               to integrate nursery into the family unit.

We support our parents to become more familiar with the nursery & the staff who will be caring for their child     by offering FREE settling in sessions. Your Childcare Manager can discuss these sessions with you when you   register. We activity encourage that you spend time with your child at the nursery, so you child see's that you         are also comfortable in this new environment & see's that you have 'relationships' with the adults here.

  Upon enrolment, parents are given a Parents Handbook which we feel is a great way to reaffirm our policies, procedures & ethos of the nursery, so If you chose to use our services whilst you access work or training or to enable your child to have the opportunity to have preschool education, you can be rest assured that at a Leap                                                    Ahead your child is in the very best hands.